Thursday, February 03, 2011

It's a long, long way to Santiago, Chile

Growing my own has spoiled me. I expect all my produce to have that 'just picked' taste - fresh, crisp, with just a hint of the garden dirt I'm too lazy to wash off.

We like blueberries in this house. We time our trips to New Jersey to coincide with blueberry picking season in Hammonton. I understand my husband's craving for that taste of summer, especially as winter's bite lingers even here in sunny Phoenix, but I told him if he wants a taste of Chilean summer, best we travel the 4000 or so miles south. It's cruel to drag Chile's luscious blue globes north to sit in overpriced, and mushy squalor on our grocery store shelves.


TheSurvivalMom said...

We're gearing up for the March-May growing season. I need to get my seeds sprouted now before it's too late.

M. G. Tarquini said...

I admire you for sprouting your own. We're planting in a week. My farmyard ladies started the peppers and tomatoes sprouting at the end of December.

Have you considered extending your season with shade cloths? That's my plan for June.